Boats and trailers

Section 7.22 of the Mt. Royall/ Harrington Place (MR/HP) Covenants and Restrictions (C&R’s) forbids storage of boats and trailers on individual lots in our subdivision unless they are out of sight.

This means that boat owners after a long day of fishing have to clean their boats and place them in a closed garage, or in the back yard on a lot that has an enclosed 6 foot fence. Remember, “must be out of sight”.

The HOA Board recognizes that this restriction is sometimes unwieldy causing boat owners to do a lot of extra work after returning from a long day of fishing/ boating.

While the Homeowners Board cannot change the Covenants and Restrictions, we can moderate the degree of scrutiny used for their application.

In this instance we have determined that having your boat and trailer in your driveway on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday (and Monday on a long Holiday weekend) is not unreasonable and therefore will not be cause for a letter of non-compliance with C&R’s.

Finally, parking boat and trailer combinations on the street, because of their size, often creates a safety hazard. If you are blocking traffic of creating an unsafe condition, you can be held liable for causing an accident.